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General Rules

                    PoliceRP Rules               
General Rules 
DDOS/Threats will not be tolerated and is a permanent ban. 
Racism is not allowed. 
Do not judge anyone based on their beliefs/sexual orientation. 
Random Death match (RDM) Is not allowed. 
Car Death Match (CDM) Is not allowed. 
New Life Rule (NLR) is 5 minutes. 
Leaving to avoid punishment (LTAP) is not allowed. 
Leaving to avoid role play (LTARP) is not allowed. 

Revenge death match (Revenge RDM) is not allowed. 
Do not impersonate any players or staff members. 
Don't Break rules just because other people are. 
Do not interrupt sits. 
Do not tool gun abuse. 
Do not advertise. 
Do not Body block/prop block or prop abuse. 
Citizens are only allowed pistols. 
Speak English in chat. 
Your name must be proper rp name but street names are allowed. 
Do not mic spam. 
Do not use Voice changers. 
Do not Glitch abuse. If you have found a glitch report it to a staff memberthe forums or in the discord. 
Self-Supplying is not allowed. 
You are allowed to prop block your doors to your house as long as there is 1 way into the house without using donator items. 
No role play in spawn. 
Do not meta game (using out of character information in game eg. “does anyone know where the crips base is?”). 
Do not join using an alt account. 
Cop baiting is not allowed. 
You must comply to the person cuffing/restraining you. 
Adverting Rules 
Be Specific when adverting. 
There is a 15 min cooldown on mugging. 
You have to advert carjack when stealing a vehicle. 
You have to advert raid. 
You must to advert Gun Store Raid/ Pd Raid/ Bank Raid. 
You must advert assist to any Crime. 
You must advert Kidnap when kidnapping someone and the maximum amount you can get for the hostage is 35,000. 

When mugging the maximum amount of money you can ask for is 5,000. 
When adverting warnings (for people to leave you alone etc) (Warn 1/2/3) you have to wait at least 3 seconds between each warn. 
You can only counter arrest when the suspect is being detained (meaning in cuffs). 
Do not use effects on your adverts (hsv/red/blue text) 
You must advert assist in a reasonable amount of time (1-10 seconds after the advert was made). 
Criminals cannot assist the government. 

Do not do any unreasonable text in your adverts (eg Counter – strike source is a good game). 
Vehicle Rules 
Do not use the Tool gun on your vehicle. 
The cool down on carjacking is 15 minutes. 
When being pulled over you cannot take out a gun and start a gun fight without a valid reason. 

Do not use any civilian skins on government vehicles (unless it's an unmarked vehicle). 
Stolen vehicles can be resold to their owners or any other player. 
Do not put props on your vehicle. 
Basing and Building Rules 
fading doors max per base. 
The minimum amount of time fading doors have to stay open for is 5 seconds. 
2 keypads for each fading door and they have to be accessible and close by. 
Do not one-way prop shoot or abuse the one-way props/glow effects. 
Do not build on the streets/sidewalks unless you are a hobo. 
Don’t block off useful areas of the map. 
Do not keypad/hotkey/Fading door abuse. 
If you have a way to make money inside your base remove your building sign. 
No crouch or jump bases. 
Staff Rules 
Do not use commands off duty. 
Stay Active on the Server, Discord and the Forums. 
Always handle sits with professionalism do not pick favorites just because you like them or they're your friends. 
If you have purchased the grappling gun you are only allowed to drag people on the floor, no grappling people on the roof (Unless granted permission by the person), no grappling onto their car. 
If you are caught abusing donator items or glitching the server by using them, they will be taken away from you and will not be refunded. 

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