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Form submission: Application

Select a server: PoliceRP

Steam Name: Marco

In-game Name: Marco

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:166555275

Age: 15

Country: Croatia

Time zone: GMT +1

In game playtime: I have 6 hrs

Any references: XYZ,Fusion Network and small severs.

Donator Rank: No

Headset and Microphone: Yes

What days will you be active on the server and for how long?: I will be active everyday on the server with my buddy Panda me and him will conquear the world of GMOD and we will become yung gods on the server and i will doante myb

Do you have any warnings and if so explain why?: No i don't i can't explain why i don't have any warns.

Have you ever been banned? : No i haven't.

What is the role of a moderator?: It is the role to help people, ban hacker, warn rule breakers (RDM, ARDM etc.) To help out the whole server community. And just to be a good person and not abusive.

Why do you want to become staff? : I belive this server is a good server it's just lacking staff and players i belive and i think we could get more players if we had more streamers or ytbers.

If you are staff on another server, you are expected to leave those communities.: Yes

Someone Threatens to DDOS the server what do you do? : As i am trial mod i will record show the evidence to mod+ so he can perm ban.

Someone Snipes you from across the map for no reason what do you do?: I call staff cause i cannot take my own sits. Get evidence that he snipped me for no reason.

Someone Tells you that they are going to mass rdm and ask if you want to help what do you do?: I would just spy on them while they are on the server ill be out of SOD and when he starts doing it i will go on SOD and jail him so he cannot escape. And after that i will a mod+ to ban him for 4 days.

Someone raids your base without adverting and you come back and break nlr and they report you for breaking nlr. What do you do? : I would apologize if they had proof and if they didn't tought luck. But i would report them with evidence that they didn't advert. And as i said i will apologize for breaking NLR and revenge kill if that was the case of course.

Notes: Hello, my name is Marco i am Swiss-Croatian and i am a big weeb with Panda.



im Accepting this on one condition that youll be active, ive seen you on as Staff on XYZ and performed perfectly and i want to se that on this server

Hello guys

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