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Form submission: Application

Select a server: PoliceRP

Steam Name: Eric Harris

In-game Name: Eric Harris

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:196506893

Age: 15

Country: Portugal Raised In England

Time zone: BST

In game playtime: None

Any references: Asap Gaming, Xray Gaming.

Donator Rank: No

Headset and Microphone: Yes

What days will you be active on the server and for how long?: Everyday But Mostly Weekends 7-10 Hours.

Do you have any warnings and if so explain why?: No

Have you ever been banned? : No

What is the role of a moderator?: A Moderator Is A Slightly Lower Equivalent Of Staff He Deals With Smaller Allegations Such As Mass Rule Breaking And Rule Breaking Over All.

Why do you want to become staff? : I Think I Can Benefit The Server And Fezz Is A Generally Nice Guy So I'd Like To Help Out.

If you are staff on another server, you are expected to leave those communities.: Yes

Someone Threatens to DDOS the server what do you do? : Ban Them As This Is A Serious Allegation And Threat As It Could Damage Our Server And Potentially Harm Our Players And Us.

Someone Snipes you from across the map for no reason what do you do?: I Go Into The Staff Job And Teleport Them Into An Area Where No One Can Interupt And I Proceed To Ask Them Why Did You RDM Me Sir. And If They Try To Kill Me Or Say Something Like Crossfire And Oh I Wanted Too They Get Warned.

Someone Tells you that they are going to mass rdm and ask if you want to help what do you do?: I Jail Them, Strip Them Of Their Weapons And Then Ban Them For Lets Say 3-4 Hours. If They Didnt Mass Rdm But Started Shooting If They Did RDM I'd Ban For 1-3 Days.

Someone raids your base without adverting and you come back and break nlr and they report you for breaking nlr. What do you do? : I Simply Say, I'm An Admin I Was Coming Back To See Why You Didnt Advert And Killed Me.

Notes: Please Have Mercy.


DENIED     Grafical errors about your Staff App PLS make another Staff App in a few days, if you spamm or not waiting for a few days will be sorted out with a cool down and if furthur continued will be denied no matter what, dont post any staff app in a couple of days 4days Thanks

Thank you for applying but we cannot take you in to become staff because of the grafical errors in your Staff App, PLS if you do wanna join PLS fix the errors and try again in 4 days and also try to get some Houres of playtime on the server

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